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Same-Day Repairs & Relines


Dentures can usually be repaired to their pre-broken state if they are brought into the clinic immediately following an accident. The biggest mistake denture wearers do when they encounter a crack or a missing tooth is to crazy glue it. Denture repairs need to be rebonded, using the same material it was made out of. Crazy glue can damage the denture and sometimes deem it non-repairable. Bring your broken denture (and all missing or broken parts) into our professionals to help you fix your denture properly, within a few hours.


Relining a denture is necessary if the dentures are ill-fitting due to weight loss, age, or loss of teeth. Your denture would need to be assessed in order to determine if a reline is the solution for you. An impression would be taken under your denture to fill in the space underneath that doesn’t fit properly. In our lab, we will fill in the space with the same material that your denture is made out of. 

The impression is taken in the morning and the denture is finished by the afternoon. Relining will improve the fit but not change the appearance of the denture in your mouth. Not all dentures can be relined—have yours assessed today to determine if a reline is right for you!

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"I was referred to the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic by my family dentist. I was more than impressed by the service of the clinic. The staff was very pleasant and had no problem answering any questions I had. I would definitely recommend ANYONE to have treatment completed with this clinic."~ Serge
"I was referred to this denture clinic from my family dentist. My experience with Angela and her staff was nothing but excellent. Her friendly and professional demeanor made me feel quite comfortable. I would recommend the Sault Algoma Denture Clinic to anyone who needs dentures."~ Anonymous

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Our bright, modern office is brand new and has wheelchair accessibility. Come visit us!
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